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Family Management Request

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Family Management Guidelines

Please read the following guidelines below regarding Family Management access.

Parents will be granted electronic access to children's charts through the age of 11 years old. On the child's 12th birthday, electronic access will automatically be removed from the parent's Patient Connect account. There will be no electronic access by the parent or the child between the ages of 12 through 18. This is to comply with the NH State law pursuant to RSA 318-B:12-a and RSA 141-C:18 which gives minors certain rights with regard to their health information.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Patient Connect program allows for only ONE e-mail address to be attached to a child's/family member's chart. We have the ability to give access to more than one adult but message/replies from the medical practice will only go to the FIRST email address attached to the child's/family member's chart.

There will be no Adult to Adult linking unless official guardianship documentation has been submitted to the medical practice. At which time, the guardian can request electronic access.

If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please contact Health Information Management Services at (603) 228-7312 or e-mail release.info@crhc.org

Please complete the fields below with your contact information. Once we receive this request, we will forward a form to your Patient Connect account for you to complete with your child's/family member's information. Once your child/family member is linked to your Patient Connect account, we will send you a confirmation.

Please provide us with a phone number where we can reach you between 8:00am - 5:00pm Monday - Friday in the event we have any questions.

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